One of the founding fathers of the LA beat scene, Alfred Darlington – aka Daedelus – is a modern renaissance man. Dressed in his finest Victorian dandy attire, his passion for frequency and sound has led him to produce over two dozen releases as well as composing the soundtrack to the award-winning video game Nidhogg.

A true investigator of sound and experience, Daedelus has collaborated on the invention of the Archimedes as a backdrop to his performance. This robotic wall of mirrors moves and reacts to reflect his performance.

Displaying his passion for live performance, he has performed thousands of shows in some of the most obscure places across the entire globe. More recently he was invited by TED Talks to present a TEDX Talk on 'Perceptions of Performance'.

Only further proving his innate tuning with the universe, The Light Brigade, his latest album, released on Brainfeeder, recalls the Crimean War of 1853–56, and was written and recorded just before the recent trouble broke out in the region.