Jereimiah Jae

Jeremiah Jae is an emcee, producer and visual artist, affiliated with YBP and the Black Jungle Squad Cxllective. With a minimalmist approach Jae brings a lo-fi vibe to his productions of off-kilter beats and raw rap flows.

After Samiyam passed Jae's mixtape 'Lunch Special Part I' to Brainfeeder founder Flying Lotus in 2007, Jae flew out to LA to work with FlyLo and signed to the Brainfeeder, dropping his first EP 'Rappayamatantra' for the label in 2011.

Jae collaborates prolifically, adding flows to other producers beats and providing beats for other emcee's, working with the likes of Jon Wayne, Teebs, Flying Lotus, Zeroh to name a few. His most recent project JP Moregun is with fellow Brainfeeder PBDY, which see Jae on the rap flows and PBDY on the productions.